Star Wars: Allegedly VR game for the High Republic Era in progress

of Andreas Bertits
The High Republic Era is a new project that is – so far – about novels and comics in the Star Wars universe. Rumor has it that we could also get a VR game in this era.

Before "Project Luminous" was officially launched, there were many rumors surrounding it Starwars-Project. Would there be films about it? Games? In the end, however, the High Republic Era turned out to be a project that revolves around novels and comics. Now, however, an interesting rumor surfaced.

A VR game in the High Republic era

According to an alleged insider, a game is also in the works, which is located in the High Republic era of Star Wars. It should be a VR game. This rumor has apparently been confirmed by other independent sources. However, there is no further information.

It would be quite conceivable that something like the VR project for Vader Immortal awaits us here. A kind of interactive virtual reality story, accompanying the novels and comics of the High Republic Era. Of course, a bigger game would also be conceivable, maybe something like Half-Life: Alyx. It is also possible that it is only a fake. Now it's time to wait and see what Disney announces.

Source: Cinelix

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