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The streaming service Disney + has been launched in the USA, Canada and the Netherlands. Among other things, the current Star Wars movies are broadcast in 4K. In Episode 4, customers have already noticed a change to a scene.

In this country, we have to wait until March 31, 2020, before we can use Disney +. But the streaming service has already started in the US, Canada and the Netherlands. Over it it is possible, among other things, the previous ones StarwarsTo watch films in 4K resolution.

There is something different

In the movie Star Wars: Episode 4 – A New Hope the fans already noticed a change. In the scene in which Han Solo meets the bounty hunter Greedo in the Cantina, he says something without subtitles before shooting at Han. This now fires his blaster exactly at the same time. Thereupon, similar to the 2011 version of the film, an explosion can be seen before Greedo hits his head on the table.

Star Wars fans are now looking for more changes in the Disney + versions of Star Wars movies. Maybe even more hide in the versions. In addition, many are happy to hear that in the Disney + version of the fanfare of 20th Century Fox, which is simply an experience for many with it.

Source: StarWarsNewsNet

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