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Billie Lourd – Carrie Fisher's daughter – took on the role of Leia Organa for a brief moment in Star Wars: Episode 9. Patrick Tubac from the Visual Effects team confirmed this in an interview. Accordingly, the young actress was needed as a body double in the film. The shooting was said to have been a moving moment for everyone.

Even before shooting starts Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker it was certain that all scenes with Leia Organa from unused material by Carrie Fisher will come from the surroundings of episode 7 and episode 8. Numerous elements of the last part of the saga also had to be rewritten after the actress's death. In an interview with Yahoo Entertainment Patrick Tubac (Industrial Light & Magic Visual Effects Supervisor) has now revealed that in a special scene from Episode 9, however, the makers needed a body double.

Spoiler Warning! Below are details on the story of Star Wars: Episode 9,

Billie Lourd was used as the body double of Leia Organa – Carrie Fisher's own daughter. In the course of the film there is a flashback in which we see Luke and Leia training together. Shortly before the end of the scene, the two take off their masks and we get a look at the young faces of the two characters. Mark Hamill played Luke and Billie Lourd stepped in as Leia. According to Patrick Tubac, this was a moving moment. Billie Lourd can also be seen as Lieutenant Kaydel Ko Connix in Episode 9.

Incidentally, Roger Guyett (Visual Effects Supervisor) also said that Cameo appearances by Anakin Skywalker or Mace Windu were never planned – only their voices can be heard in the film. In addition, there are said to be no other scenes with Palpatine that explain his return in more detail.

Source: Yahoo Entertainment

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