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Fans of the Star Wars saga are currently gathering clues that are supposed to indicate that Disney may have cut the end of Star Wars: Episode 9 – The Rise of Skywalker shortly before the film started.

Fans of the Star Wars saga are at the end of Star Wars: Episode 9 – The rise of Skywalkers some inconsistencies were noticed. Did Disney cut the end at the last minute?

Caution! Spoilers follow here!

In the fight against Emperor Palpatine, Ben Solo is thrown down an abyss, from which he can climb again. When he finds Rey, who is dead after her victory over Palpatine, he brings her back to life with power. Both kiss and Ben dies. It disappears and becomes one with the Force. Rey then travels to Tatooine, where she buries Luke Skywalker and Leia's lightsabers and rebuilds the Lars family farm.

Some cinema-goers noticed, however, that something seems to be wrong with some scenes. When Ben Solo dies, there is an indication that Rey is talking to him. Her face, which you can only see from the side from behind, moves as if she was saying something. When Ben sinks to the floor in her arms and dies, it looks like the scene is going backwards. Played backwards, the scene should appear much more natural, as if Rey would help Ben instead of laying him down.

When Rey buries the two lightsabers on Tatooine, you can see another hand in the picture. Rey's left hand can be seen at the lightsabers, and the second hand that appears also appears to be a left hand. As if there was another person with us, which is not the case in the final cut of the film. The last picture we see in the film – Rey in front of the two suns – also seems to be a changed scene from another part of the film. Rey stands there just like in that scene when she waits for the approaching spaceship of Kylo Ren in the desert of Pasaana. Did you just reuse this setting – a little digitally edited?

It is quite possible that the end of Star Wars: Episode 9 – The Rise of Skywalker was changed just before the theatrical release. Director J.J. So Abrams actually planned for Ben Solo to survive and live with Rey on Tatooine? This could also explain why his ghost doesn't show up with Luke and Leia in the end.

Source: StarWarsNewsNet

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