Star Wars: Episode 9 – Fan Finds Logical Explanation for Palpatine's Return

from Andreas Bertits
Was the return of Emperor Palpatine logical in Star Wars: Episode 9 – The Rise of Skywalker? Apparently, according to a fan.

Was there any evidence earlier that Emperor Palpatine would reappear after his death in Star Wars: Episode 6 – The Return of the Jedi? According to a fan.

Attention! Spoilers follow here!

According to the Reddit user understandably_so, there are several indications that Palpatine's return was actually logical.

  • The two Wayfinders, which were hidden on the second Death Star and on the planet Mustafar, indicated that Palpatine had long since come up with another plan related to the planet Exegol.
  • Palpatine explains in Star Wars: Episode 9- The Rise of Skywalker: "I'm All Sith!" Are all Sith souls united in Palpatine, just as in the end all Jedi are united in Rey? Could it be that he is much older than expected?
  • In the film, Palpatine says that he had died before.
  • In Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith, Palpatine Anakin Skywalker explains: "The dark side of the Force is the path to multiple abilities that some of us think are unnatural." He also believes that so far only one person has managed to cheat Death and that Palpatine and Anakin could figure out this secret together. This is an indication that he has at least experimented with this knowledge and maybe was already planning something towards death and rebirth.

Did Palpatine even want to die in The Return of the Jedi? He asked Luke to put him down. What if Luke had succeeded? At least he should have considered the possibility that the Jedi would somehow destroy him. In that event, Vader could have traveled to Exegol with the pathfinder and attended the Emperor's rebirth.

In retrospect, of course, a lot can be explained. How logical the return of Palpatine in Star Wars: Episode 9 – The Rise of Skywalker really was, has to be decided by everyone.

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