Leaks can be the truth in case an insider blabber or someone comes into the script of a movie. Leaks can be outdated, because during the production of a film, something always changes and of course they can be fictional. But how does that relate to Star Wars: Episode 9 – The rise of Skywalker?

Danger! Here are potential spoilers!

We'll take a look at some of the leaks and draw conclusions about how likely they are, based on previous trailers and TV commercials, and rumors from independent sources.

Rey as granddaughter of Emperor Palpatine – This rumor keeps coming up. That we find out who Rey really is, should actually be clear. It would be logical for director J.J. Abrams incorporates a twist as in The Empire Strikes Back. In addition, Rey's relationship with Palpatine would explain why she is extremely powerful. This leak could therefore be true.

Kylo Ren's end – It comes in the wreck of the Death Star to fight between Rey and Kylo Ren, we know from the trailers. In a TV commercial you can see very briefly that she even hits him directly in the chest with her lightsaber. According to Leaks, Rey Kylo Ren is said to be severely wounded and dying, his father Han Solo appears to him, who leads him back to the side of the light. That seems very likely. A surprise appearance by Harrison Ford would be J.J. Do not miss Abrams. It is also said from several sources that Palpatine throws Kylo Ren, respectively Ben Solo, at the end into a bottomless abyss where it dies ingloriously. Again, this seems more likely.

The death of Leia – There are contradictory statements here. Some Leaks claim that Leia dies in the base of the rebels much like Yoda on Dagobah and sees her brother Luke before. However, another rumor states that Leia is aboard the Millennium Falcon, which will be destroyed in the final battle against the Sith Fleet. It should Leia, Lando, Chewbacca, R2D2 and C-3PO die. Both variants would be possible. The death of all "old" heroes in one fell swoop could evoke the displeasure of the fans. In a scene of the new trailer, however, we see Poe Dameron in the cockpit of his X-Wing, which loudly says "Nooo!" screams. Apparently something terrible happened. Was the Millennium Falcon destroyed?

The Mystery of the Sith Dagger – It is said that our heroes come into possession of a Sith dagger containing a secret message. This is to point the way to Emperor Palpatine. To decrypt the message, C-3PO must clear its memory. This seems likely as we see in the trailer how C-3PO says goodbye to his friends and Rey wears a dagger in some scenes.

Palpatine turns off the ships of the resistance with lightning – This rumor persists and in a trailer we even get an indication that it's true. While the Hero with Space Horses on the cover of a Star Destroyer face the Sith forces and rage around them, you can see flashes of lightning shooting upwards.

Star Wars: Episode 9 – The final trailer with Emperor Palpatine

Luke and Leia appear in the last fight – There are leaks that speak of Luke and Leia appearing as power spirits to aid Rey in the fight against Palpatine. Together they defeat him. But according to recent rumors, we only hear the voices of Luke, Anakin, Leia, and many other Jedi, who give Rey strength to destroy the Emperor alone. J.J. Abrams certainly wants to keep the focus on Rey as heroine and probably Luke and Leia will not show up in the last fight as a power ghost.

Rey becomes Skywalker – Several rumors tell the end of the film: Rey travels to Tattooine to the old farm of the Lars family. Luke Skywalker once grew up there. She rebuilds the farm and takes the name Skywalker. This seems very likely as it comes from several independent sources.

But what is really true, we see the theatrical release of Star Wars: Episode 9 – The Rise of Skywalkers on 18 December.

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