Star Wars: Episode 9 – Leak reveals more about heroine Rey

from Andreas Bertits
A new leak to the movie Star Wars: Episode 9 – Skywalker's rise reveals more about heroine Rey – and seems to confirm some older leaks as well.

In Star Wars: Episode 9 – The rise of Skywalker we will know who Rey really is and a little more.

Danger! Here are potential spoilers!

New rumors about the origin of Rey confirm previous leaks. She is apparently the granddaughter of Emperor Palpatine. The interesting thing about the new information, however, is that Luke and Leia knew this. And in the movie we learn more about it.

When Leia met Rey for the first time in episode 7, she knew who the young woman was. She sensed that Rey is the granddaughter of Palpatine. So she immediately sends her looking for her brother Luke. Leia hoped that Luke would also feel Rey's true ancestry and he could use that to forgive himself for having failed with Ben Solo.

Leia hoped Luke would recognize the potential in Rey as she did. A girl who was descended from a dark person but had grown up so much that her background did not matter. Just like Luke and Leia. Both are the children of Darth Vader, but did not succumb to the evil and Leia believed that this could also be the case with Rey.

As Rey indulged in training with Luke in Episode 8: The Last Jedi of Darkness, the Jedi Master also came to understand who she really is and was shocked. His biggest nightmare had come true. After Rey left, Luke realized what Leia was up to. Therefore, he joined forces again and helped the resistance in the fight against Kylo Ren.

We're supposed to hear all of this in the film, which makes the background story of Rey look back on the sequel trilogy make sense.

Of course, the question remains as to who their parents were. Did Palpatine really have children? Or is she perhaps a daughter of one of his clones? Supposedly we encounter in the film not only Palpatine itself, but one of his younger clones. Maybe this is Rey's dad. And his mother then brought her to safety from him so she would not go to the dark side. But we'll see more on December 18th, when the movie Star Wars: Episode 9 – The Rise of Skywalker is shown in theaters.

Source: Making Star Wars

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