Star Wars: The Mandalorian already had a live action TV series about the Star Wars in progress. George Lucas wanted to go Star Wars: Underworld bring the cinema experience to the small screen. But the series never went into production.

A very ambitious series

Director Ronald D. Moore was involved in Star Wars: Underworld and now explained how far the series had progressed. "Ultimately, it never happened. We wrote about 48 scripts, I would say … the theory was that George wanted all the scripts to be written and finished, and only then did he want to figure out how to make the series at all, because he wanted to do a lot of technological stuff with CG and virtual sets and so on. So he had something completely new that he wanted to achieve. But what happened … we wrote the scripts and then George said, "Ok, that's enough for now. I will get in touch with you. I want to look at all the production stuff. "And then the time passed and about a year or so later he sold Lucasfilm to Disney."

George Lucas didn't want to compromise on the series. It should feel like a movie, which is why the screenwriters hardly had to pay attention to the budget. In the end, however, this could not be implemented.

Ronald D. Moore said: "It was an extraordinary undertaking. I don't know anyone who could have done it … At the time, George just said:" Write as "big" as you want. We'll find out everything else later. "So we really had no [budget] restrictions. We were all experienced television and film authors. So we all knew what was theoretically possible with a production budget. But we just said," Ok, let's just take his word for it to make it crazy and big, "and there was a lot of action, lots of sets. Just a lot bigger than what you normally do on a TV show."

The series was meant to tell a coherent story. The story turned out loud VentureBeat supposedly about how the Emperor falls in love with a woman and who cheats on him. That should make the villain of the Skywalker saga shine in a different light. Nevertheless, the series would have had an episodic character despite an overarching story.

Ronald D. Moore said, "Yeah, I think it was kind of a big, coherent story. It was a long story with episodic things that were going to happen. Certain events were to happen that would have happened in this or that episode. So it was it was kind of an episodic series for some. But she still told a bigger story about the story of those particular characters in that environment. "

Disney is unlikely to revisit this planned series. Even if almost 50 Star Wars: Underworld scripts were already finished. There was even Test material from the series to see that showed how gloomy she should have been.

Source: Collider

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