With Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, Disney has already announced the next movie in the space saga. Rogue Squadron is written and directed by Patty Jenkins (Wonder Woman). But there are more films in the pipeline. Including one from Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige. He develops and produces the strip. Now a scriptwriter has also been found.

A Marvel specialist is working on Star Wars

Emmy winner and Marvel series writer Loki, Michael Waldron, is due to write the script for this Star Wars film. He also wrote the script for the upcoming Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness. What this new Star Wars movie is about and whether it is somehow related to Rogue Squadron is not known. Presumably it is a separate story. We do not currently know in which timeline this takes place, whether during the prequels, the original trilogy, during the sequels or at a completely different time.

Allegedly there is more to the deal with Michael Waldron. Should the series Loki go down well, then a second season could follow and Michael Waldron will then be involved in this in some way. Whether as a screenwriter or as a producer is still unclear.

In any case, it's interesting that Marvel Studios now have such a big influence on Star Wars. Not only is the studio boss working on a movie, a Marvel film and series writer is also involved. No wonder, as Marvel Studios celebrated great success with the superhero films. Maybe this will repeat itself in the future with Star Wars …

Source: Deadline

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