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Loacher Films changes perspective in his latest Star Wars fan film “My Enemy” and lets not only a rebel but also a young stormtrooper have their say. What does an Imperial soldier think of the destruction of Alderaan? Was the counterattack on the Death Star justified? And is there any satisfactory answer to these moral questions at all?

The eternal struggle between good and evil has always been an integral part of good stories that are told over several generations. This rule also applies to the story of Star Wars, which by and large can be reduced to the fact that a handful of brave rebels stand up to the tyrannical empire. But are the stories from a galaxy far, far away really that simple? Or is there more to the simple image of black and white?

Who is under the stormtrooper helmet?

What most Star Wars fans like to forget: The first film trilogy is just a snapshot from a long story. This part of the story was also told from the perspective of rebels. Oh, what we cheered for as children with Luke, Leia and Han Solo! The charismatic heroes took the hearts of the audience by storm. Over time, however, one or the other Star Wars fan may question the motives and ways of the rebels, whose vision of freedom cost many soldiers and civilians their lives.

This topic is taking effect Loacher Films in his latest fan project “My Enemy”. Instead of a tough rebel, the Loacher team focuses on a young stormtrooper. The short film is so interesting because it rarely happens that the role of a stormtrooper goes beyond that of a simple soldier. But it’s best to watch the 16-minute short film yourself:

There are many Star Wars-themed fan projects. However, this fan film gets under your skin! As already mentioned: the perspective is that of a common soldier. It is about typically moral questions. Was it justified to simply destroy the Death Star with such a large crew and countless civilians? Have the citizens of the Empire really given no thought to the victims of Alderaan? And are the stormtroopers a mass of faceless soldiers who just blindly obey orders?

In a long war with hardened fronts, one tends to dehumanize one’s opponent. Even the stormtroopers rarely give more than cannon fodder in the films, which are not exactly known for their shooting skills. That is why it is worthwhile for Star Wars fans to think outside the box. On the YouTube channel from Loacher Films you will find many more short films that the team created using Unreal Engine 4. You can do the project too to support Patreon.

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