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Electronic Arts has released a roughly 7-minute short film for the upcoming space action game Star Wars: Squadrons. We follow the story of an imperial pilot for whom the war just doesn't want to end.

On October 2nd, Electronic Arts released with Star Wars: Squadrons an exciting action game that could follow in the footsteps of the classics X-Wing and TIE-Fighter. To get in the right mood for the release, you can now watch the 7-minute short film "Hunted".

The Star Wars is not over yet

The CGI film begins with the battle in which a New Republic fleet attacks an Empire space station. The fight is not going well for the "bad guys". The station and a star destroyer will be destroyed. We see the action from the perspective of the Varko Gray pilots. He tries to get back to his cruiser when the order to withdraw is given. But another pilot needs help. Gray does not want to abandon him, but misses the escape of his Star Destroyer. This leaves him alone, surrounded by enemies.

Gray hides in the rubble with a damaged TIE Interceptor, but is discovered by an X-Wing pilot. This pursues the imperial pilot all the way to the planet, where the two fight each other relentlessly. Gray can win through a trick, but then crashes over the water. Before his death, the X-Wing pilot told Varko Gray that the war was over, but then insulted him as "imperial scum".

Gray survived the crash and thinks about these words. When he receives a radio message from his fleet, he makes a decision: the war is not over for him. Determined, he puts his helmet back on and is already preparing for the next fight.

This cool short film creates an exciting Star Wars atmosphere, which we will experience more of in the story on October 2nd when Star Wars: Squadrons (buy now € 38.98 /€ 37.99 ) for PC, PS4 and Xbox One appears.

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