Star Wars: Squadrons players can look forward to a new update. As reported by Electronic Arts and Motive, a new patch will be available as a download from October 28th, which will bring additional items to the action game – matching the start of Season 2 of The Mandalorian on Disney + on October 30th. The free surprise update should include eight new cosmetic items based on the first season of the Star Wars series. With the items you can beautify your star fighter.

"The supply shipment brings in-game items for the cockpits of both factions, including a hologram, a decal, a dashboard ornament (including the bobble-head figure of the Mysterious Creature, which can grace the dashboard of every Star Fighter in the New Republic)," said Electronic Arts. You can see a picture with Baby Yoda as a bobble-head figure above these lines. Also included is a trailer for the Star Fighters of the Empire and the New Republic.

A lot more information about Star Wars: Squadrons (buy now € 38.79 /€ 29.99 ) can be found on our topic page. In our test you can read all the details about the action game. In the review, Star Wars: Squadrons scored points with varied missions, a well-staged campaign and great cutscenes. Points are deducted for a meager multiplayer part. We also have more information about The Mandalorian ready: For example, we recently reported about the mysterious woman in Season 2. You can find the program at Disney + in November under this link.

The Mandalorian update is coming to Star Wars: Squadrons on October 28th.

The Mandalorian update is coming to Star Wars: Squadrons on October 28th.

Source: EA

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Electronic Arts and Motive Studios have released the Star Wars: Squadrons Update 1.2 for download. That awaits you.

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