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The artwork and entry for a game called Star Wars: Squadrons appeared briefly on the Xbox website. This is apparently the space game that EA Motive is currently developing under the title Star Wars: Project Maverick.

Rumor has it that Electronic Art should have launched Star Wars: Project Maverick, but we haven't seen it yet. We will probably only find out more during the EA Play event. Now, however, the entry briefly appeared on the Xbox website Star Wars: Squadrons on.

Is there a new X-Wing?

The logo shows a pilot of the rebel alliance and one of the empire. Squadrons of X-Wings, Y-Wings and A-Wings race towards TIE-Figher, TIE-Interceptors and TIE-Bomber. The entry has now disappeared from the Xbox site. According to the VentureBeat website, Star Wars: Squadrons is a space combat game in which you fight against other pilots with various ships from the Star Wars universe. It's about the war between the Rebel Alliance and the Empire.

According to the inside information, we can expect a single player campaign. However, the focus should be on multiplayer battles. There is obviously fighting in teams. The release of Star Wars: Squadrons is scheduled for autumn on PC and console. It is not known whether PS5 and Xbox Series X will also receive a version.

Star Wars: Squadrons is said to be a title created by EA's desire to release another Star Wars game as soon as possible. This could be an indication that we cannot expect a title that is too extensive.

It is impossible to say whether Star Wars: Squadrons is going in the direction of an X-Wing or TIE fighter or is becoming more arcade-heavy like Star Wars: Rogue Squadron. On June 19th at 1am in the morning we should learn more, because then the EA Play Event starts and Electronic Arts wants to introduce new games.

Source: VentureBeat / Resetera

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