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Electronic Arts recently commented on microtransactions in the new space action game Star Wars: Squadrons. According to the developers, this should definitely not exist. You can only unlock cosmetic extras using gameplay promotions. There are also some details about the progress system.

Last night, Electronic Arts first introduced the space action game Star Wars: Squadrons to the public. There were not only first gameplay scenes to see the unofficial successor to X-Wing, but also information about the features and content. Despite this flood of details, some questions remained unanswered. For example, some fans are currently wondering whether there will be microtransactions. At the time, Star Wars Battlefront 2 caused widespread criticism and resentment from the community. But apparently that won't happen with the new game. At least that's what the responsible creative director Ian Frazier says.

Accordingly, it will be in Star Wars: Squadrons (buy now for € 39.99) give a variety of cosmetic extras that you can use to decorate or customize your spaceships. The pilot's appearance can also be customized. But it will not be possible to unlock this content with real money, but only through gameplay actions. Frazier could not be elicited more precise details in this regard. But at least it is clear that probably no other Microtransaction disaster will give.

There were also some details about the Star Wars: Squadrons progression system. When you level up in the action game, you will unlock new weapons, engines and shields, among other things, to equip your ship or gradually improve it. It should even be possible to unlock new hulls. In this way, there should be enough motivation to move the ladder up and up.

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Source; GameSpot

Star Wars: Squadrons – Trailer introduces new space action game from EA Motive

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