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The second season of the Star Wars: The Mandalorian series starts on October 30th on Disney +. Now the first pictures and some details about the new episodes have been published.

How are the adventures of the Mandalorian Din Djarin of the second season of the series going Star Wars: The Mandalorian further? We'll hear about it on October 30th via the Disney + streaming service. But there are already first insights into the new episodes.

Attention! Here are spoilers!

The first pictures were published in Entertainment Weekly magazine and showrunner Jon Favreau also spoke up. He explains: "The new season is about bringing a bigger story into the world. The stories will be less isolated, yet each episode has its own" flavor "and hopefully we'll bring a lot more leeway to the series. Everything will bigger, the stakes get higher, but also the personal story between the child and the Mandalorian develops in a way that I think people will enjoy. "

It goes on to say, "When we introduce other characters there are opportunities to follow different storylines. The world was really captivated by Game of Thrones and how the series developed as the characters followed different storylines – that's great for me as a viewer appealing ".

Actor Giancarlo Esposito (Moff Gideon) also had his say: "I'm going to face Mando face to face. It's an iconic battle. I want to mentally disarm him too. Who knows? Maybe there will be an opportunity to get him to do it to fight a few fights for me. You may think I am a villain, but I am trying to use some energy and strength on a path that might be best for everyone. You will see that it is a bit diplomatic and rather a Manipulator is. It's so exciting for me to be on a show where I can wear a cloak and where I can wield a "lightsaber" and really master it. "

Actress Gina Carano (Carasynthia "Cara" Dune) even gives a little hint that some of the rumors surrounding season 2 of The Mandalorian may be correct: "Some of them are true, others I wouldn't be so sure about …"

Fortunately, the shooting of the second season of Star Wars: The Mandalorian could be finished before the outbreak of the corona pandemic. Only with the recording of the soundtrack it got a bit difficult, but this hurdle was also overcome well. So soon we will see how the adventures continue.

Source: StarWarsNewsNet

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