Actress Katee Sackhoff revealed in an interview that you shouldn't really trust her character in Star Wars: The Mandalorian at the moment. The character of the actress is known as Bo-Katan and is currently on the hunt for the Darksaber. The legendary weapon is currently in the hands of Din Djarin, but that could soon change again in Season 3 of the sci-fi series.

"You never really know what she's thinking or where she's going to end up … Whether you should like her or trust her. (…) You can't say whether or not to cheer her on and I love that . I love this gray zone. " says Kattee Sackhoff about Bo-Katan im interview with polygon.

Originally, Bo-Katan wanted to bring back the Darksaber from Moff Gideon – one of the reasons for her appearance in The Mandalorian. In the end, however, Din Djarin got ahead of her. In season 3 at the latest, we should learn more details about Bo-Katan's intentions. In April the Filming for the new episodes begins. At Disney +, the new season of the series is expected to be shown in 2022. So fans have to be patient.

Disney + subscribers don't have to do without Star Wars entirely. Star Wars: The Bad Batch, a new animated series on the sci-fi universe, will start on May 4th. Bad Batch is a group of experimental clones fans might know from The Clone Wars. The second episode will be out on May 7th. Then it goes on at weekly intervals. New series with Obi-Wan Kenobi, Boba Fett and Cassian Andor are also on the way.

Source: Polygon

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