Star Wars: The Mandalorian – reference to Timothy Olyphant's role

from Andreas Bertits
Actor Timothy Olyphant got a role in the second season of the Star Wars: The Mandalorian series. Now there is evidence of who he might be playing.

That actor Timothy Olyphant played a role in the second season of the series Star Wars: The Mandalorian is known. But who does he embody in the Star Wars universe?

Attention! Here are potential spoilers!

According to insiders, Timothy Olyphant wore bounty hunter Boba Fett's iconic armor while filming some scenes. However, he is unlikely to play Boba Fett. It is much more likely that Olyphant will take over from Cobb Vanth, who acts as a kind of sheriff of the settlement Freetown on the planet Tatooine in Chuck Wendig's Star Wars novel "Nachspiel". In the novel, Cobb Vanth wears Mandalorian armor, which he got from Jawas. They found this at the destroyed sailing barque of Jabba the Hut. Although it is not explicitly mentioned in the book, it is quite clear that this is the armor of Boba Fett. After all, the bounty hunter fell into the Sarlacc while fighting for the barge.

Rumor has it that actor Temuera Morrison is scheduled to appear in Season 2 of Star Wars: The Mandalorian and is said to be playing Boba Fett, so there may be a clash between Cobb Vanth and Boba Fett. Maybe the bounty hunter wants his armor back.

The second season of Star Wars: The Mandalorian starts on Disney + in October – at least in the United States.

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