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The alleged titles of the eight episodes of the second season of Star Wars: The Mandalorian have surfaced on the Internet. If they are real, what do they tell us about the story of the new episodes?

Filming the second season of Star Wars: The Mandalorian are finished, so it seems unlikely that the titles of the individual episodes now appearing on the Internet are real.

Attention! Here are potential spoilers!

The titles of the eight episodes of Season 2 of the Star Wars: The Mandalorian series are:

  • Chapter One: The Search
  • Chapter Two: The Confrontation
  • Chapter Three: The Bounty
  • Chapter Four: The Republic
  • Chapter Five: The Loyalist
  • Chapter Six: The Sorcerer
  • Chapter Seven: The Return
  • Chapter Eight: The Empire

What information do these titles contain? The Mandalorian takes care of the child at the end of the first season to protect him. Apparently his paths cross those of the New Republic and a bounty could be put on our heroes. "The Sorcerer" seems to indicate that we may be dealing with a powerful being. And "The Empire" implies an appearance of the remains of the empire, possibly again in the form of Moff Gideon.

So the titles don't reveal much. They seem deliberately vague. If the Mandalorians get to deal with the Republic, there may be a chance that we will meet a well-known character. Someone who's in charge in the Republic. Princess Leia seems unlikely. Rebel leader Mon Mothma might be an option. But it takes some time before we learn more.

Season 2 of Star Wars: The Mandalorian starts at least in the US on Disney + this October.

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