In the Bill Bert Podcast, the comedians Bill Burr and Bert Kreischer talk to guests about their craft, life and the latest developments in show business. A week ago, the dismissal of Burrs Mandalorian costar Gina Carano, who was thrown from the series because of her statements on Twitter, was raised.

In the past, Carano had often made known her position on various socio-political issues via the messaging service, which caused quite a stir. For example, she mocked the possibility of setting personally preferred pronouns on Twitter. In addition to he / him / his and she / her / hers, you can also choose the gender-neutral they / them / theirs. Carano's mocking beep / bop / boop was seen as mean by some.

In addition, the MMA fighter voiced anti-mask conspiracy theories regarding the corona pandemic and attracted more attention for sharing tweets and memes by right-wing populists. Her tweet, which has now been deleted, stating that the hatred that Republicans are shown due to their political views could lead to a situation that equates to the persecution of Jews in the Third Reich, then brought the barrel to overflow and Disney removed the actress from hers Deliver role as Cara Dune in the Star Wars series and its proposed spin-offs. In addition, partner Hasbro is said to have canceled the production of the Cara Dune action figure. Carano's statement:

"Jews were beaten up in the streets, not by Nazi soldiers, but by their neighbors … even by children … Because history is edited, most people don't know that, so you could get to the point where Nazis If they were able to easily cram thousands of Jews together, the government made sure that their own neighbors simply hated them for being Jews. How is that different from hating someone for their political views? "

This topic was raised in Burr's and Kreischer's podcast by guest Joe DeRosa, who spread it out in front of the two moderators and commented on it directly. Several sites report that Burr then defended his costar. However, if you listen to his statements, this has not actually happened.

Burr told DeRosa that while he knew of the dismissal, he did not know what Carano had actually said. After the guest literally replayed the tweet, Burr abstained from directly assessing the content and instead spoke of how absurd he found it to be firing a person just for their ignorance. He is afraid that he will have to pull himself together more because otherwise it could go to his collar. DeRosa went on to say that he believes Carano's comparison of Jews is equivalent to comparing President Donald Trump with Hitler. In his opinion, this is just as bad, but since the comparison does not come from the right corner, it is measured with two different standards.

The three men continued this conversation for a while. Burr emphasized that making mistakes is human and one shouldn't lose everything because of stupid statements. In spite of this trivializing assessment of the situation and the assertion that she was "absolutely lovable" on the set, he did not jump to Carano's defense. DeRosa then continued to complain for a while that celebrities were being persecuted in this day and age and that there were people just waiting to use old tweets or statements against someone who was on the road to success.

So Burr did not defend his colleague, as reported from many quarters, but philosophized about the existence of a so-called cancel culture and its effect. However, the comedian also made a prophetic statement: "Someone is going to take this video and put something else in my mouth and get rid of my bald action figure."

Sources: Via Deadline, IndieWire, Comic book movie



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