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Between 2005 and 2010, George Lucas worked with Star Wars: Underworld on a live action Star Wars series that was supposed to revolve around the underworld of the galaxy, far, far away. Film material has apparently appeared on this series.

In 2005, George Lucas announced that he wanted to shoot a live action series on Star Wars. Star Wars: Underworld should deal with the bounty hunters, mercenaries and other "scum of the galaxy" and between the Star Wars episodes 3 and 4 his. But work on the series was stopped in 2010.

That would have been Star Wars: Underworld

400 episodes were under discussion, 100 screenplays were to be written. However, the production of Star Wars: Underworld turned out to be so expensive that the project was put on hold. But there were test scenes that were filmed. Already in 2010 there was a leak of these scenes, which have now appeared on the Internet. In the video we see a scene that takes place on the planet Coruscant. Stormtroopers hunt a terrorist and there is a gun battle. The scene looks a bit like a fan film because filters are missing and the effects and actors are not final. It's just test scenes, not finished material. However, this scene is followed by a kind of making-of and we see how everything is shot quite professionally with many employees in a studio.

Of course, the authenticity of the video cannot be confirmed with certainty, but it actually seems to be leaked material from the planned Star Wars: Underworld series. What you see is somewhat reminiscent of a mixture of Star Wars: Episode 2 – Attack of the Clones and Blade Runner. Maybe an interesting series would have awaited us. It is unlikely that Disney will revive the project again.

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