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The stricken company Starbreeze is currently betting everything on the upcoming action game Payday 3. It should save the company. However, a publisher is currently still missing.

After Starbreeze suffered a heavy blow after the unsuccessful Overkill's The Walking Dead, the battered company now hopes that Payday 3 is the salvation.

Payday 3 needs a publisher

Earlier it was said that new funds will flow into the development of Payday 3, but the action game will not appear before 2022. Now the company announced in the current quarterly report that Payday is the most important brand. However, there is currently no publisher who not only has the necessary marketing and sales resources, but also financial stability for the development of Payday 3.

Starbreeze thinks that with such a partner it is on the right track to make Payday 3 a success, which of course will also have a positive effect on the company. So it seems that Starbreeze is hoping for Payday 3, but we haven't seen any of the game yet. It will be a test for Starbreeze to convince the players with the action title.

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