Stardew Valley developer announces next free content update

Stardew Valley players are regularly supplied with free content – now there is another reason to be happy: The developer reveals that another update is already in the works.

Developer confirms a new free update for Stardew Valley

As recently published in a tweet, the developer of Stardew Valley is already working on another one free content update work for the players:

“Many thanks to everyone for the wishes for the four year anniversary of Stardew Valley. It's been a pleasure and I'm looking forward to another great year! Now that 1.4 is available on all platforms, I want to announce that there will be another free content update (1.5). It is currently under construction! "

This is good news for fresh four year anniversary of the popular pixel game. Especially players who have already seen a lot of the game should hope this news for new challenges.

Users would like to see this tweet cosmetic items or other ways to invest money in the game and support it. Developer Eric Barone aka Concerned Ape denies this possibility, but instead says that he already has plans develop more games and publish. This should make fans happy. In the past, the developer had hinted in this direction.

Bring the most comments general joy and many players are very excited about the new content. We will of course keep you up to date for further information and inform you as soon as there is news. Most recently, a heart-warming mod provided variety in the sweet farming adventure Stardew Valley. Try them out!

* Stardew Valley offers countless hours of play, here there is rather little food for in between: *

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Stardew Valley can gather a considerable community, understandable with the constant, free supply of new content by a single developer. Do you already own the game? And are you looking forward to the upcoming update? Please tell us about it in the comments!