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A new expansion will soon be available for the farming role-playing game Stardew Valley. According to the creator Eric Barone, the update 1.5 should offer the players "significant" new endgame content. But apart from that, some improvements and innovations should enrich the indie title in the future.

Stardew Valley solo developer Eric Barone shared on Twitter already a first picture of update 1.5 with his fans and followers. On it you can see the fishing shop of the fisherman Willy, but there is a mysterious change to be seen. There is now a door behind the Seebär's counter that could suggest that Willy will be available as another romantic option in the future. This also suggests that we may be able to get to know other characters in the near future.

For the picture, Barone wrote on his Twitter account ConcernedApe:

"Stardew Valley Update 1.5 … Do you notice anything new in Willy's shop? The development progress is steadily progressing. A lot of work is still needed in the current phase, but some good milestones have already been reached. This update adds a significant new one Pieces of endgame content and more. "

So fans can apparently look forward to experiencing a lot of new content and discovering many more little secrets.

The American indie developer has not yet announced what exactly the door is about and what specific innovations and enhancements the Update 1.5 will contain. What is certain, however, is the arrival of a new plant species, which the community was able to select in a survey. Accordingly, bananas can also be planted in the future. Furthermore, the developer of a conversation on Twitter is probably also working on the Interactions with spouses and childrenthat so far become monotonous in the later course of the game.

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