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"James Bond 007: No Time to Die" is the fifth and last 007 film with Daniel Craig as James Bond. The film is also the 25th James Bond film ever. The anniversaries seem to pile up in this strip. Now the producing studios Universal and MGM have announced that the film should be postponed again and for a not so short period of time.

The new film about Agent 007 does not seem to be under the best star at the moment. Instead of "no time to die" it means once again "no time to start". Because the film is now being postponed for the third time. First of all, the film should already be shown in cinemas in October 2019. But when the then director Danny Boyle (slumdog millionaire) broke away from the project due to creative differences, the film was initially postponed to February 2020 from this date. Then there were production difficulties again, which led to a new appointment in April of the same year. They wanted to take some time to touch up the script again.

Now it has been officially announced that the start date has been postponed again. Now target November 2020. The official James Bond website, as well as the associated social media channels, said that a well-considered decision had been made to change the date.

Officially, there have been no comments so far that this was negotiated specifically due to the corona virus. Only a "careful evaluation of the worldwide cinema market" was addressed.

According to an insider source from the "Hollywood Reporter", the MGM production company is dependent on the financial success of the new 007 film. Accordingly, one wants to choose a better starting situation, especially for the Asian market. The entire promotional program for the film had to be canceled here because of the measures taken to combat the epidemic. Since the franchise is probably quite strong, especially on the eastern continent, one does not want to expose itself to the declines already generally prevailing at the box office there. Something similar can also be seen at the Italian box office, which could be another factor in choosing a new date.

So now we have to wait a little further and hope that there will be no further delays for a start-up date.

Source: Holywood reporter

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