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In Battlefield 5 are the Community Games. The launch of Custom Server is scheduled for today. Players will then have the opportunity to create their own games and determine the number of players, maps and modes themselves. A list of the individual options has already been published by DICE. In addition, this week is the return of a popular map: Wake Iceland launches Battlefield 5 on December 12. The necessary update has been available for download for just a few days.

For players of Battlefield 5 is an eventful week ahead. For today the start of the Community Games is planned. As part of the "private server" you create your server with your own options. For example, you can set the number of players (16, 32, 64), the maps and the modes. In addition, you provide the server with a password on request – and thus grants access only to selected players. In addition, as an admin you get the opportunity to kick or banish other players from the server.

The advanced search in Battlefield 5 will be complemented by a community games filter. With the launch of the Battlefield 5 Community Games, the development of private servers has not been completed. In the new year, the developers want to report back with an info update – and go into future plans. By the way: For servers without a password you will continue to make progress. For password-protected servers, no progression is possible. A list of the possibilities and options of community games has DICE in the Forum for first-person shooter released.

On December 12, Battlefield 5 players will receive additional supplies. Then it's time to return from Wake Island. The map is expected to be available as part of the latest update on Thursday, 10am. Battlefield 5 has already been prepared for the map with the latest patch. The card made its debut in 2002 as an E3 demo for Battlefield 1942. Since then, the map has been included in numerous Battlefield titles such as Battlefield 1943, Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 3. Wake Island offers breakthrough mode in BF5, but also supports the Storm Conquest mode. A video about the map is available below. (buy now for 35,98 €)

Battlefield 5: New Trailer for the Map "Wake Island"

Also popular with PC games readers Battlefield 5: Big Update 5.2 to download - Patch Notes with the changes "src ="

Battlefield 5: Big update 5.2 for download – patch notes with the changes

DICE releases the Battlefield 5 Update 5.2 as a download. The patch is available after a downtime on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. PCPS4XBO

Battlefield 5: Trailer introduces the "Year 2 Edition"

Electronic Arts and DICE showcase the "Year 2 Edition" of the first-person shooter Battlefield 5 with the help of this short trailer. In this exclusively digital version, in addition to the main game, all contents of chapters 1 to 4 are included. These include weapons, vehicles, skins and more. In addition, from today, Chapter 5: Pacific War for Battlefield 5 ready. As of now, Chapter 5: Pacific War is ready for Battlefield 5. "src ="

Battlefield 5: Release of Chapter 5 – Pacific War and Year 2 Edition

Electronic Arts and Dice today release Chapter 5: Pacific War for the first-person shooter Battlefield 5 and the "Year 2 Edition".

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