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Although the level squish from 120 to 50 levels in the pre-patch of WoW Shadowlands affects many areas of the game, one thing remains unaffected, contrary to expectations: the Starter Edition, which allows beginners to play for free up to level 20.

The pre-patch of WoW Shadowlands brings the level squish to Azeroth, which has been discussed for years: the developers turn our 120 character levels into 50, to which the rest of the game such as item values, opponent strengths, life points, etc. are adjusted. But one aspect of the game remains surprisingly untouched: the Starter Edition of WoW.

Starter Edition also after level squish up to level 20

So far, curious people could try out the MMO with the so-called Starter Edition and level a character up to level 20 without monthly costs or purchase of the game. At the time of the BfA, this represented a sixth of the total range of levels. So you would think that the Starter Edition would only offer eight levels to try after the level squish, but that's not the case. People who love WoW (buy now 15.00 € ) try, will still be allowed to play up to level 20! Curiously, this is what a Hearthstone developer revealed on Twitter:

Actually, it was just about answering the question of how to get the heroine Liadrin in Hearthstone in the future (as before, by the way). In this context he announced the good news regarding the Starter Edition. If you want to have the heroine for free, you will still be able to easily use the trial version of WoW up to 20 levels.

What does the Starter Edition of WoW offer from pre-patch?

With 20 of 50 levels, interested players can go through the new tutorial "Exile's Reach" (Island of Exiles in German), which brings Newbie's mechanics closer, and then even undertake their first adventures in Battle for Azeroth. So it is ideal to get potential WoW players excited about a subscription.

Source: Vanion

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