Status of professions in the Shadowlands Alpha

The Shadowlands Alpha now includes brokers in the Hall of Forms in Oribos. They are professional trainers and sales people with whom you can test the changes in your professions extensively. If you now explore the new zones, you will also discover zone-specific herbs, ores and fish as well as new types of leather from the inhabitants of the Shadow Lands.

Professions that support legendary crafting

In Shadowlands, you can craft your own legendary armor in the Runesmith's Chamber, a place of exceptional power hidden in Torghast. Legendary craft is not yet available for testing, but if it does, all players can create their own legendary armor regardless of their profession or professions.

Creating legendary armor requires a base item that is filled with legendary powers. Blacksmiths, jewelers, leather workers, and tailors can craft these basic items that eventually become their legendary armor.

  • A basic item is an "empty" armor template that serves as a vessel for legendary powers.
  • Basic objects are not soul-bound. They can be purchased from other players, second characters or at the auction house.
  • The recipes for the basic items, like the chamber itself, are enclosed in Torghast. Once learned, they can be made anywhere.

Optional reagents

Optional reagents are a new feature in Shadowlands that allows players to customize the equipment they create. With optional reagents, you increase the item level of the item made and at the same time the level required to carry the item. This is particularly useful when leveling or equipping second characters.

WoW Shadowlands: The number of possible components for artisan armor has increased significantly

WoW Shadowlands: The number of possible components for artisan armor has increased significantly

Source: Blizzard

You can choose which two of the item's four secondary stats should be given bonuses so that you can adjust the strength of your character. However, you cannot determine that the item only receives a secondary stat. Certain recipes allow bonus effects, e.g. B. Extending the duration of your vial or meal buffs. However, optional reagents only apply to armor and weapon recipes at the beginning of Shadowlands.

Additional updates

Not all professions are created equal, and developers are now taking steps to address this by setting different skill bar maximums in Shadowlands. Collective professions that can be increased more quickly have skill bars that are longer than those for manufacturing professions, but should require the same effort to reach the maximum.

The number of stars (ranks) for recipes has been greatly reduced in Shadowlands in return.

The scrap is a Battle for Azeroth-specific feature and will not be available in Shadowlands.

The developers are considering a certain degree of professional networking, i.e. the concept that craft products from certain professions are used in recipes for other professions.

When engineers roam the wondrous shadow lands, they will make a techno-magical breakthrough. Many technical devices are now more powerful than their azeroth counterparts, but so much power is also more difficult to control and can lead to a catastrophic setback. However, engineers can reduce the likelihood of a setback by increasing their skills.

As soon as there is something new about the craft professions in Alpha or Beta, we will post an update.

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