With Super Seducer 3: The Final Seduction, the third part of the live-action dating simulation around the pick-up artist and self-appointed dating guru Richard La Ruina should have been published. But Steam pulled the emergency brake and banned and removed the game from the platform. The main reason for this are the "sexually explicit images of real people". As early as 2018, Sony refused to release the first part of Super Seducer on the PlayStation 4.

The spell of Super Seducer 3 is sure to be a major blow to La Ruina, who is also the lead developer of the virtual guide to seducing women. 61,700 players have put the game on their Steam wish-list, with which La Ruina means to measure the popularity and success of the title in advance. For the spell, the "seduction artist" published his conversation with the Steam team on Twitter.

Steam spoke of a final decision: "We have checked the last version submitted and are not in a position to publish Super Seducer 3 on Steam. As mentioned before, Steam does not publish sexually explicit images of real people. (… ) After submitting the product several times and checking it several times, we find ourselves at a dead end, which is why this is the final decision. " The series had previously been criticized for its dubious portrayal of dating approaches.

La Ruina assured in a reply that "either feedback or approval" had previously been mentioned, but not a rejection. In addition, he had secured himself in advance by talking to a lawyer. He also stressed that he was ready to make numerous changes to make the game socially acceptable in accordance with Steam guidelines. The changes would also include removing those "sexually explicit images of real people". When asked again, the Steam team simply replied: "We will neither sell the game nor subject it to further reviews." Steam asked La Ruina to reimburse the Steam Direct fee he had paid or to credit it for an upcoming project.


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