Like most other providers, Steam is committed to providing users with the best possible experience by making the latest game updates and patches available as quickly as possible. However, it seems to look bad for older versions in the future, as the latest Steam beta update suggests.

Immediate synchronization prevents access to older versions

In the Patch-Notes des Updates it means that you want to make sure that “All installed and all cloud-enabled games are synchronized as soon as possible in order to avoid delays when starting games and to prepare for possible offline play.”

Put simply, this means that older versions become unplayable because they are immediately updated with the latest updates. SteamDB ceator Pavel Djundik, who also uses the beta client, also has it on twitter clarified what this is all about. He writes: “With this change, it is no longer possible to download older versions of a game because the client asks directly for a code (GetManifestRequestCode) that changes every five minutes.”

on SteamDB he explained the innovation and the problem that arises in more detail for all interested parties. Modders and speed runners in particular are likely to feel offended by this change, because they have often used older versions of a game for their own purposes. When it comes to archiving games, the change to Steam is bad news.

The update is still only effective on the beta client and it is still unclear whether it will spill over to the regular client in the same way and which games are affected by it. If Steam receives appropriate feedback, they could in any case reconsider or adjust the change before it goes live for all users.

Those: Steam / Pavel Djundik on Twitter

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