The number of news about the just announced Steam Deck is probably only topped by the number of pre-orders for Valve’s handheld. In addition to a removable SSD (even if not intended for the exchange of users) and non-drifting analog sticks the mobile PC should also support mods, including Steam Workshop. Skyrim with Thomas the Locomotive will in future be a (silly) dreamlike sight on the go.

All the functionalities of a PC

In an interview with IGN When asked about mod support, Valve’s Greg Coomer and Pierre-Loup Griffais replied: “You can really do anything with what you get from you [Linux-]PC can expect. […] So we built the device to support all of them. “

Pierre-Loup Griffais clarified Coomer’s statement and brought Steam Workshop into conversation: “The version of Steam that runs on it is the same version of Steam, just adapted with a different UI and different controls. All these features, Steam Workshop and all built-in support for mods will also be available. “

Since the Steam Deck will behave like a regular PC, it will also be possible to download games outside of Steam. The freedom that PC users are used to is now also reaching the mobile gaming market. We will find out from December whether and how the Steam Deck will perform in real life. From then on, the handheld computer will be delivered.

Those: IGN

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