Steam: Game Festival started with exciting demos

from Andreas Bertits
Until June 22, Steam will provide you with a series of exciting demos of new games as part of the summer edition of the game festival. So you can get an insight into interesting upcoming titles.

Demos of new games have gone out of fashion? Steam brings them back as part of the summer edition of the games festival. Until June 22nd you can watch trial versions of exciting upcoming games.

Cool demos of new games

It is not easy to know if you like it before buying a new game. While there is an option on Steam to return purchased games within two hours, a demo would be nice. And that's exactly what you get now.

The demos you can watch include:

You can find many more exciting demos on Steam.

Keep in mind that most of them are temporary demos of the games. This means that you can only download it until June 22nd and that the trial versions only work until this date. So you shouldn't have to wait long to decide whether to watch a demo. Because after June 22nd they will no longer work.

Source: Steam

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