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Valve's team has several statistics published last year. The overview includes the monthly active users on the platform. According to this, around 120 million players are on Steam every month. With that, Valve also outperforms Sony and Microsoft.

According to current figures, over 102 million players are active on the PlayStation Network each month. At Xbox Live this is currently 90 million. Every day there are an average of around 62.6 million users who Steam have actively used it in the past year. The platform recently set a new user record. A total of 25.4 million players were online at the same time at the beginning of the year. The previous record of 24.8 million from the previous year was broken after just a few days.

If you add up the playing time of all users on Steam, you get an impressive total of 31.3 billion hours. The number of games sold has also increased by 21.4 percent compared to 2019. However, exact numbers were not given. The game festival has also established itself with users over the course of the year. While only 600,000 demos were activated at the start in the spring, there were already 3.1 million test versions in the summer and even 5.1 million in the fall that players tried out as part of the new event. You can find many more numbers and statistics from the Steam year 2020 behind the source.

Source: Steam

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