Steam: New sale for the weekend

from David Martin
A new weekend sale is online on Steam. Lots of deals are waiting for you over the long weekend. Among others: PixARK, Darkest Dungeon and Cultist Simulator. If you want to play a trial before buying, you have the opportunity to do so free of charge: As part of Steam Sales, selected games can be tried out in advance. You can read which free versions and offers are waiting for you in the article. Showdown Bandit is still available for free.

Steam advertises a new sale this weekend. Selected PC games will be in the deal over the coming days. PixARK, for example, is waiting in the offers. You are currently securing the indie adventure for 13.59 euros – a discount of 60 percent. If you want to play a trial before buying, you have a free option: The full version of PixARK can be played free of charge until June 1, 7 p.m. The same applies to Darkest Dungeon. The indie RPG is also lower in price. In the deal you get the unlimited full version of Darkest Dungeon currently for 5.74 euros.

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In the Steam Sale for the weekend there is also a publisher campaign from Team 17. In the offers you will discover, for example, Moving Out (20.69 euros), The Escapists 2 (5.99 euros), Overcoked 2 (13.79 euros), Blasphemous (14.99 euros) and My Time At Portia (11.99 euros).

There is also a sale on Arma 3. The full version is currently available on Steam for 8.39 euros – a discount of 70 percent. You can get the DLC Arma 3 Karts completely free of charge until June 1st. We have an overview of the deals below. In addition to the full test versions mentioned, you also get the opportunity to play PC games such as Genesis Alpha One Deluxe Edition and Cultist Simulator over the weekend. You can find the offers as usual on the Steam website or in the client on your PC.

Weekend Steam Sale (May 29th)

Team 17 publisher weekend (Overcooked, worms and more)
Free: Showdown bandit (until June 1, 6 p.m.)
Free DLC: Arma 3 karts (until June 1, 7 p.m.)
Play for free: Cultist simulator (in the deal for 9.99 euros)
Play for free: Darkest dungeon (in the deal for 5.74 euros)
Play for free: PixARK (in the deal for 13.59 euros)
Play for free: Genesis Alpha One Deluxe Edition (in the deal for 13.99 euros)

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