Steam starts a new game festival: The Spring edition 2021 is live. Steam users will have the opportunity to try out a number of games that have not yet been released on the platform for free until February 9, at 7 p.m. The selection of test versions is extensive: a total of around 500 demos await you – from all possible genres such as action, adventure, strategy, role-playing games and horror.

The games include a number of potential insider tips, for example the colorful beating Tunche and the skateboarding game Skatebird. Well-known titles such as Little Nightmares 2 and the 3D hopper Balan Underworld can also be tested within the Steam Games Festival. To take part in the Games Festival, all you need is a Steam account and you can then download the demos with one click. The demos are usually available for a limited time – often until the end of the campaign on February 9th.

You have the option of filtering games that are interesting for you according to several categories, for example according to likes and subgenre, according to graphic style and perspective, according to motif and basic mood and of course according to functions such as single player, multiplayer, co-op and online co-op. In addition, you can expect developer livestreams for selected titles, and in some cases you can also chat with the makers of the games. The Steam Games Festival will also be accompanied by a continuous live stream. By the way: yesterday is also the new one Midweek Steam Sale went online. For the coming week the Start of the big lunar sales 2021 expected.

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