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Hold on to your wallet! According to SteamDB, the Steam Summer Sale 2021 should start in less than nine hours. Even without an official announcement, those responsible for the website are so sure that they have even set up a countdown for the start.

It is now almost a tradition that the dates for the next Steam sale are known before the official announcement. There is also another leak for the Steam Summer Sale 2021.

The information on the exact dates of the sale comes, as so often, from Steam DB. The summer sale is scheduled to start on Steam today, June 24th, at 7:00 p.m. The discount event should run until July 8th, i.e. exactly two weeks.

The people in charge of the website are so sure about the data that they are a countdown have set up. However, it is unclear which games will be discounted and how high the respective discounts will be.

Useful: If you are interested in a certain game, you can look at this game in detail on SteamDB and use the price development to determine which previous sales the game was discounted on. If a game shows up in all previous major sales, it is pretty certain it will be discounted again now, according to SteamDB.

Those: SteamDB

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