Story is to be changed by fan petition

As is well known, the minds of Naughty Dog's latest game The Last of Us Part 2 are divided – some love and others hate it. Above all, the story is difficult for many. Now many fans are demanding a change in the game and are busy collecting signatures for it.

The Last Of Us 2

Attention! The following text contains spoilers!

Using a petition tries to get the "The Last of Us Part 2" community to get Naughty Dog to change the story of the game, because one place in particular annoys and frustrates the players.

“The Last of Us Part 2 had great gameplay, graphics and mechanics, but the story was extremely bad. They killed our favorite character and forced us to play the character that killed Joel. We should connect to Abby halfway through the game, and the main character isn't even Ellie. We want ND to redesign the game with the scenes that they provided for every trailer with Joel and not to replace it with flashbacks. We need a remake for this game because it was a massive disrespect for any fan who has been waiting for this sequel for 7 years. We want to get what we deserve and it wasn't this game, ”the description said.

The petition mentioned is primarily directed against Joel's death. By the time this news was released, nearly 19,000 signatures had been collected – the target is 25,000.

What do you think? Is this petition right? Should the studio change the scenes or do you think the game is good as it is? Please write us your opinion in the comments.

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The Last of Us 2: Easter Egg fires hatred at game director Neil Druckmann

Many fans are more than dissatisfied with The Last of Us Part 2 and part of this hatred discharges towards Game Director Neil Druckmann.

The game director of The Last of Us Part 2, Neil Druckmann, is getting a lot of the anger of discontented fans on the web. He is accused of self-expression, an Easter egg related to its persona only makes it worse.

The "Doctor Uckmann" trading card shows a comic version of the Game Director and Druckmann is currently using the same picture for his Twitter profile.

In the context of self-portrayal allegations, making yourself an Easter Egg is water on the mills of the angry fans, but there is also the description of "Doctor Uckmann". That is because according to the back of the card quite a nasty boy who crosses moral boundaries and has been outlawed by science.

Im already discussed Reddit thread, this Easter Egg is also cited as proof of Druckmann's narcissism.

It is common practice in many studios that developers appear in some abstract or humorous way when playing Easter Eggs. Assuming an agenda behind it is perhaps a bit exaggerated.

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The Last of Us 2: Fan-Hass is now targeting Game Director Neil Druckmann

Naugty Dogs The Last of Us Part 2 is currently being discussed more than controversially. Especially on Twitter and in Reddit, the game gets a lot of rejection, the latest target of the angry fans is Game Director Neil Druckmann.

First a brief note, even if this article is spoiler freeIf you want to experience The Last of Us Part 2 without prior knowledge, you should probably not read on.

Naughty Dog introduces many new characters in the second of her single player adventure. One of them is Manny, a character that the users of a reddit thread as a narcissistic portrayal of Games Director Neil Druckmann see. He is accused of integrating this character into the game only for his own sake and expressing his own political views through him.

For example, Druckmann is supposed to express his alleged hatred of white men by spitting Manny on the body of a white man. Manny is even supposed to look like Druckmann. The game director responded to the "allegations" on Twitter and indicated that although the comparison was flattering, Manny was based on the actor and voice actor, Alejandro Edda.

Due to the beard and hairstyle, the character has a certain similarity, but not to the extent that the actor goes back to Manny's appearance.

It gets even more colorful in the thread. There it says Neil Druckmann would hate gamers and that he almost chose ways to ruin the game (even more).

The debate takes place only on a personal and offensive level and is far from any justified criticism of the game to which every player has a right.

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After the release of The Last of Us 2: The hell is going on with the fans

The Last of Us 2 is only released to the general public today, but has been a hotly debated topic for days. While most of the game sites are enthusiastic about the game, the user score at Metacritic is in the red area, and fans let their frustration out with Reddit.

We already knew that the third-person action adventure game The Last of Us 2 takes place five years after the events of its predecessor in the post-apocalyptic USA. Ellie has now grown up to be a young woman and has gained a foothold in a settlement with Joel. In addition, released trailers and published gameplay material allowed a closer look at the game and its history.

While some are enthusiastic about it and leave positive criticism, pages like Metacritic and Reddit realized that not everyone is happy with the game. This is particularly noticeable in the score. The Last of Us 2 hits a whopping 95 at Metacritic and earned the "Must Play" button. The user score is just 3.3, which was mainly caused by review bombing.

So you are always well equipped.

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The Last of Us 2: All weapons and holsters – localities

TLOU 2: fans discuss at Reddit

Hell is currently going on on Reddit and if you don't want to be spoiled, you should first avoid the “The Last of Us 2” subreddits. Fans are increasingly discussing their views there. There is too much violence in the game, others simply dislike the direction in which the story and characters develop. Revenge is a word that comes up very often, and indeed the intention seems to play a big role in the game.

However, our tester Christopher Bahner believes that you should first play through the game yourself and form your own opinion:

“At the beginning of the game, revenge was the main motivation in history for me too. In the course of the game, however, this motif is increasingly questioned, since the player is shown the consequences of his actions from the first part and the story is shown from several perspectives. Above all, everyone should have played through the game for themselves before forming a final opinion. "

If you want to know more about The Last of Us 2, here is our test.

What do you say about the game so far? Do you understand the resentment among the fans, or do you think a lot of it just comes from haters? Please write us your opinion in the comments.