One detail on the PS5 controller is hair-pulling. At least when it comes to many players on Twitter. A bug on the DualSense now ensures that all owners take a closer look at their copy.

PlayStation 5

Detail on the DualSense is driving gamers crazy

The DualSense controller of the PS5 knows how to inspire with great new features. One strange detail on the controller, however, now ensures on Twitter that the ruler and tape measure are unpacked and put on. The creative game director of Far Cry 6, Ted Timmins, is to blame.

He posts a picture of his copy and is bothered by an incorrectly printed one Sony logo. In his opinion it is a millimeter too far to the left and a whole degree at an angle! This annoys him so much (at least jokingly) that he has to announce it on Twitter. And lo and behold, he has a wave with it attention triggered:

Not exactly worrying that the logo below the "USB C" port is not centered. Many are jokingly annoyed that he made them aware of it, now it can never be made unseen again.

It always gets worse!

Of course, this post also entices many PS5 owners to take a closer look at their controller copy. The discoveries show that Timmins is still a comparative harmless bug as an editor at Gamespot shows:

But things can get worse, one player in responses on Twitter shows that one creative pin design happened on the part of Sony:

The discoveries of the crooked Sony logos should at least not affect the functionality of the DualSense controller. Apparently Timmins' fussy mistake is supposed to be one optical illusion act, as hard-working geometry professionals have already proven in the comments.

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The main thing is that the features of the "PlayStation 5" controller do what they should. How does it look with your copy, is the Sony logo placed in the middle? Have a look and tell us about it in the Facebook comments!