The current bottleneck in graphics cards seems to be blooming strange. While the new GPUs are sold out almost everywhere and are accordingly being offered at exorbitant prices, Nvidia seems to be pursuing a new strategy to solve the problem. The manufacturer is quickly bringing two old graphics card models back from retirement.


GeForce RTX 2060 and RTX 2060 SUPER: Nvidia sends old cards on a farewell tour

As soon as the announcement of the GeForce RTX 3060 is behind us, there are already the next rumors about new graphics cards from Nvidia. This news should surprise hardware fans, because according to information from the French magazine Nvidia is not bringing another ampere graphics card of the 3000 series onto the market, but warms up old GPUs from the last generation.

Insider sources should report that Nvidia is producing both the RTX 2060 and the RTX 2060 SUPER again and sold to manufacturers. At this point in time, no one can say whether the cards are intended for direct sales or only end up in finished PCs from OEM manufacturers.

And what else has happened in the last week? We summarize the most important messages just for you in the GIGA headlines:

Old graphics cards are being reissued: How expensive will the RTX 2060 & RTX 2060 SUPER get?

According to, the two graphics cards will be launched in mid-February – roughly at the same time as the new RTX 3060. The rumored retail price for the old GPUs should, however, make hardware enthusiasts suspicious. 300 euros for the RTX 2060 and 400 euros for the RTX 2060 SUPER are currently in the room.

This is still a little cheaper than a year ago: In January 2020, Nvidia reduced the price of the RTX 2060 Founders Edition to 319.99 euros, the RTX 2060 SUPER cost 419 euros when it launched in July 2019. But compared to the RRPs of the RTX 3060 Ti (399 euros) and RTX 3060 (329 euros), the targeted prices for the old GPUs seem anything but a good deal.

Should's asking price turn out to be correct, that could mean that Nvidia either postpones the start of the RTX 3060 shortly before just a little further or expects that the partners will not purchase the card at the targeted RRP of 329 euros, but rather significantly sell more expensive.

With the new edition, the RTX 2060 and RTX 2060 SUPER could find their way back into the top 10 – this is currently dominated by the brand new models:

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We keep our fingers crossed that Nvidia is producing enough units in advance for the RTX 3060 to be able to meet the targeted RRP. Otherwise, the disaster of the last few months is likely to repeat itself only once – and the new editions of the RTX 2060 and RTX 2060 SUPER shouldn't change that much.