Three strikes and there is a permanent ban – these are the rules on Twitch – actually. Because of course it is not so easy to implement these rules if you harm yourself with them. Therefore, some big streamers enjoy something like fool's freedom on the platform and fool Twitch.

Twitch can be danced around on the nose

Michael "shroud" Grzesiek is one of the better-known streamers and now explained why a ban or a ban has hardly any meaning. As an example he mentions the well-known streamer Felix "xQc" Lengyel. This was temporarily blocked due to a rule violation at GlitchCon. The fact that he was banned at all surprised shroud, because he thought Twitch was going to ignore this – after all, it's one of the most important streamers on the platform. He explains this problem using the example of Dr. Disrespect. When it streamed from a toilet, there was only a temporary lock that did not harm the streamer at all – on the contrary. Then he was more successful than before.

"Being banned doesn't mean anything. Dr. Disrespect was banned for a month for streaming in a toilet. He came back stronger than ever," explains Shroud. According to him, it is even the "best-case scenario" when a streamer receives a ban. After all, for him it means vacation and then he just goes back to work and is maybe even more successful than before. "I try to never get banned. If I got banned, would I really care? Probably not, because being banned doesn't really make a difference. You take a little vacation and then you get going," said shroud .

This is also proven by the German streamer MontanaBlack, who after a 30-day ban – because he filmed a woman on vacation and behaved wrongly – has now been banned again for a few days. He explained to his viewers in the live stream which sex practices he preferred and even demonstrated the movements. But even this ban should not disturb the streamer. Because he can then continue to stream unmolested. And even if he breaks the rules again, he enjoys a few days off and then goes on again. Twitch is in a bind here. Because the company is dependent on these big streamers and cannot really enforce its own rules without harming itself. As a result, the big streamers on the platform enjoy the freedom of fools.

Source: Dexerto / Twitter

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