Haters gonna hate, Flamers gonna flame. If you put yourself and your product (even if you are your own product) in the limelight, you have to expect that not only spectator hearts, but also spectator hats will fly towards you. What helps against this is, among other things, the application of a very thick layer of Teflon, which is particularly bounced off by unjustified criticism, like a rubber ball from a concrete wall.

Someone who has been grappling with allegations of being sold out from his community for a while is one of the most successful streamers of our time, Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, who made a career out of his Fortnite streams on Twitch and gained overwhelming publicity . Blevins, who switched to a platform mixer for a (so rumored) salary from Twitch, has recently been the target of trolls lately. Fortnite is stupid, Blevins should have stayed with Twitch, his views are lower with Mixer anyway.

The constant drop hollows the stone and the constant troll hollows the patience of the streamer. In the game with Timthetatman, Ninja chatted about the trolls that were besieging him, and finally the barrel overflowed a bit. He may not have audience numbers, but he definitely has the cash. "Dude, I could literally buy the bank where your bank's mortgage is running and damn it block your house. And then you can't throw a shit at me because you will no longer have internet."

Even though Blevins didn't say that to anyone, meaning that he didn't seriously threaten anyone to put him on the street, he has reached a level with this flame against his haters that makes him less of a friend in the streaming community. It is said that Authors from Gamerant (via PC games), as a faux pas in the community, to show off its wealth. Even if it is doubtful that Ninja has enough money to buy a financial institution, he probably justified his switch from Twitch to Mixer because he wanted to support his family with it – money will have flowed properly. So it can be assumed that he has some money on the bank. According to the general opinion, he shouldn't show off.

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