Pokémon games aren't exactly the biggest video game challenge right now – are they? A streamer recently faced an extremely difficult task that took 140 hours to complete.

To make Pokémon games a little more exciting, players invented various challenges. The best-known is probably the Nuzlocke Challenge, the basic variant of which consists in the fact that every defeated Pokémon may no longer be used, in each area only the first Pokémon that the player encounters and each Pokémon needs a nickname can be caught.

That was streamer smallant1 but too little and he started a no-hit run in the Pokémon Platinum Edition. So he tried to finish the game without taking a single hit.
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After almost 40 minutes to get through the first fight, he actually managed to become a champion without taking any damage. The whole process took about 140 hours (don't worry, the video is not that long).

With a mixture of caution and a lot of grind, smallant1 made it. He always tried to be above the level of the opponents so that he could take them out with an attack. However, it wasn't easy at the beginning of the run.

In the end, however, his efforts paid off.

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140 hours require a certain amount of dedication. Would you have the patience to spend a long time playing a game like Pokémon? Which Pokémon game have you played the most? Write it in the comments.