What do steamers actually earn on Twitch? Since their income is made up of many components, the question is difficult to answer, and some simply lack the numbers. Unless a streamer leaves the wrong tab open in the browser.

Many streamers have shown their sub-numbers and you can roughly deduce what they earn on Twitch, but when it comes to advertising income, they either push around or honestly tell you that they are cannot talk about it for contractual reasons. Every now and then, however, the classic happens to one or the other streamer "Wrong tab open" mishaps and he inadvertently reveals numbers.

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Twitch bounties are an internal advertising program that has been on the platform since 2018. Companies advertise so-called bounties on Twitch, without an agency or management intervening. Streamers then fulfill those bounties in their streams by promoting a product or service. Usually a specific game is played and specific terms are mentioned. Depending on the number of viewers, there is then money for the streamer.

Ludwig "ludwig" Ahren has a background as a Super Smash Bros. Commentator, but is at home on Twitch in the Just Chatting category and play Among Us or Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. On a Call of Duty stream, he did Advertisement for an energy drink and accidentally left the tab with the Twitch bounty open.

While Ludwig philosophized about the can in his hand, his stream showed all the time that he was getting a maximum Payout of $ 7,202 can expect. After his chat draws his attention to the mistake, a visibly tense one follows "Oh shit". After a nervous laugh, he jokingly tries to distract and asks his audience how they are doing.

Ludwig does not specialize in Call of Duty, which a dedicated CoD streamer can earn with this Twitch bounty should be significantly higher.