Streamerin is banned on Twitch because she said "Nerd"

Rules about rules – and on Twitch roll quite a few heads. Why a streamer was banned from the streaming service because of "hate-filled comments", even though she did not actually say "bad".

The streamer viperous, known for her videos on Rainbow Six Siege and Fortnite, was created for a period of time Twitch averted. The reason was the use of the banal word "Nerd", For Twitch, however, this is a hateful remark.

The word "nerd" and its consequences

In her November 8 video, the streamer asked a frustrated player what this nerd would do shortly after killing her from a corner.

The following day, she was banned for seven days on Twitch. But this is not the gravest consequence, as all donations received during the video were returned to all subscribers. On Twitter, she drew attention to Twitch's overreaction:

"I was banned from Twitch for a clip because I said" Nerd ". I call people who kill me constantly Nerd and whatever it sounded, I just said nerd. Why am I banned for something I did not do? "

Twitch lets heads roll

It's not the first time that Twitch Streamer has been banned for questionable reasons. Popular streamer and former Overwatch professional Dellor received a permanent ban on "self-harm" last month for breaking a keyboard over his head.

"Do not mind me, I'm just breaking my new keyboard"

The streamer and cosplayer Qucqo is accused of "sharing or involving sexually suggestive content or activity" as she disguised herself as the video game character Chung Li in September. She too was banned.

Although Twitch may be criticized for the recent events, her actions are not wholly unjustified. For after incidents like PewDiePies "PUBG Bridge", in which he casually racist remarks of itself or the underwear exposure of the streamer Alinity, they want to avoid such controversy.

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The spell-happy Twitch has lost many well-known streamers who have left the platform because of their guidelines. With actions like the Nerd banishment, they will continue to make friends. Have you ever been banned on Twitch for banal things? Write us in the comments.