Streamers are faced with a terrible choice

Streamers have to pay a huge price. After years of ignoring copyright law, Twitch is now taking tough steps. Beloved clips and videos have to believe in it.

Twitch deletes content from streamers

In an email, Twitch is now informing a number of streamers whose content is against existing ones Copyrights violated. This is especially music that can be heard in recordings of live streams. After the use of licensed music meant no consequences for a long time, the platform will take tougher action in the future under pressure from the DMCA:

“We know copyright law and the DMCA are confusing. Over the past few months we have made improvements to the tools available to help you manage your use of music in recorded or live content. These include the ability to delete all of your clips at once, control who can create clips for your channel, scan new clips with Audible Magic, and publish soundtracks from Twitch, a free way to add quality music to your channel stream.

Since these tools are now available to all creators, we will continue normal enforcement of the DMCA requested deletion from 12:00 on Friday, October 23, 2020. "

Since this email did not reach the streamers until October 20th, they only had a few days to act and possibly affected Clips and videos to erase and save for yourself in the same breath.

A big problem with this approach: Twitch does not provide any Identification function available with which one could recognize which content violates copyright at all. Many streamers have more than thousands of existing content such as clips and videos.

Checking all of these manually and individually could take an incredibly long time. Under the aspect of the above Deadline, implementation is simply impossible for many. Therefore, Twitch also advises in the mail, simply to completely delete all contentso as not to risk further copyright infringement.

That would take years of work for many streamers with a single click, which is of course pretty bitter.

After all, streamers don't have to be with one Closing their channel expect if there is a copyright infringement. The deletion of content by Twitch is a preventive measure to prevent further legal consequences of the DMCA.

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Now it's time for streamers to act as quickly as possible and at least make a backup of their content, they will probably not be able to avoid deletion. Both Streamer and Twitch have failed to comply with copyright law and are now facing the consequences.

Mandy Strut
Mandy Strebe, GIGA expert for streaming, Twitch and YouTube, indie games and DayZ.

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