Streaming contract for WWE wrestler Ronda Rousey

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WWE wrestler Ronda Rousey is the next exclusive new addition to Facebook Gaming. In a message, the 33-year-old announced that she would share her passion for video games with her fans on Facebook. The proceeds from the first livestream on Wednesday will be donated to a good cause. However, detailed details of the deal have not yet been revealed.

WWE wrestler and former UFC champion Ronda Rousey has announced an exclusive streaming deal with Facebook Gaming. Already next Wednesday at 0:00 a.m. German time, Rousey will start its first broadcast on the platform. According to their own statements, the income from the livestream will be donated to a good cause. Rousey wants to use the money to support the reconstruction in Australia after the devastating bush fires.

"Gaming has always been a big part of my life and I can't wait to share that passion with my millions of fans on Facebook Gaming. In my streams people can hang out with my real self – not the character version that they're used to. Even if 'Rowdy One' can't always hold back. "

Ronda Rousey's entry into the streaming market is not exactly a surprise. Most recently, she was heard as the voice of Sonya Blade in Mortal Kombat 11. In her announcement, the wrestler also spoke about one of her favorite Pokémon Blue moments. At the age of 11, Rousey met the Pokémon Arktos in the game and she still remembers this moment to this day. With Ronda Rousey, Facebook Gaming has now brought the next big name to the streaming platform. Recently Jeremy "Disguised Toast" Wang and Gonzalo "Zero" Barrios also switched exclusively to Facebook.

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