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In a long interview, the CEO of Insomniac Games spoke to Phil Spencer, the head of Microsoft's Xbox division, about various gaming-related topics. It was all about the future of gaming: streaming, monetization, consoles and more. We have summarized the most important points of the interview for you.

Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft's Xbox division, spoke in a long interview about the future of games and the gaming industry. It covered topics such as streaming (cloud gaming), monetization, consoles and more. The US games website Gamespot has published a detailed summary of the interview, We briefly summarize the most important statements below. Phil Spencer had the CEO of Insomniac Games (including Fuse, Marvel's Spiderman), Ted Price – the complete interview is available as a podcast and was brought online by The AIAS Game Maker's Notebook on Spotify, The podcast lasted almost 57 minutes.

Money for advertising consumption

On the subject of monetization, Phil Spencer says that he could well imagine that in-game viewing could be rewarded with in-game currency. This is already common in many smartphone games, although Phil Spencer came up with the idea because of a different experience: In an African country, he observed that many people on buses or taxis were rewarded with viewing volume for mobile internet access by watching advertisements , So if you want to surf for free, you can watch advertising there. When Ted Price asked how the Xbox Game Pass could be profitable, Spencer did not answer directly, but only mentioned that Microsoft had great resources and the number of players in general was very large, as more and more people invested hours in gaming , This could be interpreted as saying that the Xbox Game Pass is currently still a minus business, but Microsoft can and will easily afford to slowly build up a large customer community.

Streaming: just an addition

When it comes to streaming or cloud gaming, Phil Spencer sees no rapid triumph of the new technology, even though Microsoft is working on its own service (XCloud). He expects that the majority of hardware-based options on site will continue to exist for the next 10 years and longer: Connect the console to the TV, download games and get started. Nevertheless, he sees a market for pure streaming consoles in the near future. Important to know if you want to listen to the complete podcast: Gamespot points out that the interview took place in early February, before the official one Xbox Series X Details Confirmations,

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