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In 2018, the EU countries decided that streaming services such as Netflix & Co had to offer at least 30 percent of European films and series. Now there are finally details about the implementation.

At least 30 percent European content from streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon & Co! But what exactly does that mean in practice? Some filmmakers and those responsible for the popular streaming platforms are probably wondering. The EU directive has been around since autumn 2018, but so far there has been no clear information on its implementation. The EU Commission has now unveiled a draft guideline, which is supposed to provide clarity.

Broadcast time does not matter for the quota of European content

So far, the motto for such content for European content was: airtime is decisive for the share. 100 broadcast minutes would have to show 30 from European productions. However, this would only make sense for stations with a limited time frame in the program – which the EU Commission also notes.

That is why in the future the number of titles is crucial be, not the duration of shown productions. In a series, seasons count as individual content, just like a film. According to the draft, the overall catalog should be decisive for the percentage.

Dark, the German mystery series by Netflix, is enjoying international popularity.

Dark, the German mystery series by Netflix, is enjoying international popularity.

Source: Stefan Erhard / Netflix

Why this new type of quota for streaming?

The aim of these new measures is to ensure that providers of streaming services do not simply produce a handful of series of European origin with a long airing time (due to the number or length of episodes). The goal is according to the draft "the creation of a diversified range of European values."

Why a quota at all?

Quotas of this kind ensure that companies from the USA, for example, cannot secure a monopoly position against which smaller European production companies cannot do anything because of a competitive disadvantage. Such quotas also support investments that help EU member states.


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