Streams now finally in full 4K resolution

from Johannes Gehrling
Disney Plus has been available in Germany since March, but with one restriction so far: The image quality of the streams was cut. The reason for this was concerns of the EU Commission that the networks could be overloaded by excessive video streaming, while the corona pandemic means that the economy is increasingly dependent on home offices and therefore good and reliable internet. But now Disney Plus finally allows full quality.

As the streaming offer Disney Plus Launched in Germany at the end of March 2020, the company was just at the beginning of numerous government measures designed to curb the corona virus pandemic. That means: tens of millions of people suddenly spent an unusually large amount of free time at home and work was also shifted from millions to Germans from the office to the home office. That woke up at EU commission Fears that the networks, which are known to be less than optimal, could overload if video is now streamed even more than usual.

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Given the internet addiction at home, that would have been a big problem. Long story short, the Commission asked the major providers to limit the quality of the streams in order to relieve the pressure on the networks. After all, a large part of Internet traffic is created by video streaming. YouTube, Netflix and Co. followed the request with different approaches.

Disney also participated and limited the quality of the streams at Disney Plus right from the start. Full HD content has so far been shown in 720p, 4K content with a resolution of WQHD, i.e. 2,560 by 1,440 pixels. The bit rate has also been reduced in order to generate even less traffic. Now allowed Disney Plus finally, and thus for the first time in Germany, all content in the best possible quality watch. Users don't have to worry about a thing. The best quality is now simply released on the part of the provider and, provided that the corresponding playback devices and fast internet are available, is also output when streaming.