Elias "Jamppi" Olkkonen is an esports professional in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and has now sued the Valve team in a Finnish court over a four-year-old ban. However, the ban only recently came to light and ensured that the 19-year-old is banned from all Valve tournaments. According to his own statement, Elias Olkkonen was not responsible for the ban – a friend should be to blame.

Accordingly, the esports professional bought a second Steam account with CS: GO at the time so that he could play with his buddy at a LAN party. After the celebrations, this friend is said to have continued to use the account for himself until one day he was caught cheating. The suspension fell back to Elias Olkkonen and resulted in the exclusion from an important tournament.

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However, the court in Finland barely dealt with the case because the professional player made a mistake in the lawsuit. Accordingly, Elias Olkkonen has sued Valve's European team. According to the judges, the main company in the USA is responsible for this. The lawsuit was then dismissed and Jamppi is now left with the high court and lawyer fees of almost 80,000 euros. However, an appeal has already been made. Elias Olkkonen is a player for the Finnish organization ENCE. So far, Jamppi has only been excluded from Valve tournaments – participation in other events is still possible.

Source: Ilta Sanomat

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