Path of Exile Expedition, the new challenge league, kicks off July 23 at 10:00 p.m. But even now the players of the action RPG are visibly frustrated. Because with the league also patch 3.15.0 appears, along with new mechanics also involves a monumental amount of balance adjustments. These focus mainly on nerfs, which is why some people already see the new league doomed to failure. But why are the players so crazy?

Path of Exile: Expedition – Explosive Archeology League Trailer!

What bothers players about the Patch Notes for Path of Exile 3.15.0?

The developers of Grinding Gear Games stated right away when they unveiled Expedition that some adjustments might not look good for gamers. Meta-Builds and Power Creep are to be weakened. Overall, this should only result in an average of 20 percent less damage. But the developers not only dampen the damage of many skills, but also increase mana costs and how they work. According to many players, the nerfs are likely to be significantly higher than expected:

  • According to calculations, some builds should not be 20 percent weaker, but up to 80 percent – depending on the composition of a gem in a “6-link” constellation, i.e. with five support gems.
  • In the worst case, the increased mana costs could lead to annoying micromanagement.
  • The (always the same) campaign, which many PoEers want to get over with as quickly as possible anyway, gets stronger monsters, sometimes with up to 46 percent more life points. So this unpopular part of the game will last even longer.

How severe will the new boss opponents from Path of Exile Expedition be due to the nerfs?

How severe will the new boss opponents from Path of Exile Expedition be due to the nerfs?

Source: GGG

That says studio boss Chris Wilson about the displeasure in the community

Chris Wilson has now officially commented on some criticisms and reacted to them. The GGG team wants to reduce the power creep, which has become too high from the point of view of developers AND the community. These adjustments are also for the new direction of Path of Exile (buy now ) 2 necessary. In this respect, it is better to incorporate these changes little by little, not all at once.

“Unfortunately we’ve reached a critical point with Power Creep lately and really need to address it. Now, a lot of the community is increasingly dissatisfied with the direction the game is headed. We honestly feel that part of it is because over time we have moved further and further away from our own vision.

So you are dissatisfied and we are dissatisfied and that means that it really is time we started to correct things. The changes we’re making in Expedition are carefully thought out and sound scary, but overall, they likely have less of an impact on the way you will play the game than you think. These changes really open up opportunities for the future and place us in a good position to work towards the release of Path of Exile 2.

When I write to the community I usually try to avoid saying what’s fun and what isn’t (as that’s pretty subjective), but we’re very confident that the new Path of Exile will be more fun. There are tons of powerful new builds out there and we honestly can’t wait to see what you come up with. “

Player still dissatisfied – points of criticism are not taken into account

But also this detailed statement (you read the rest Reddit, where Chris posted himself) has again drawn criticism. Because some fans of PoE emphasize that the changes are necessary for Path of Exile 2 – but they must not be implemented without positive compensation. Monster loot and one-shot potential are still designed to allow adventurers to plow through dozens of creatures. If that takes longer now, it should bring frustration.

What is your opinion? Are you going to play the new league? Do you prefer to wait for impressions to make sure the nerfs don’t ruin too much fun? Write to us in the comment area!

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